Call Schedule Management: Easy interface adapted to manage both simple and complex call schedule information. Entering an average call schedule for an entire year requires about an hour.
Recent changes to call schedule are noted on both your homepage and calendar. Selected users can receive notification through the MediWorkz message system.
Add recurring events, holidays, and announcements to your shared calendar. Employee birthdays and anniversaries of employment are entered automatically. Vacation schedules are also conveniently located within the same calendar.
Clock in/out with a single click. Accurate time is displayed to the nearest second.
Users can view punch detail and report mistakes through the MediWorkz message system to a designated user.
Ability to set an automatic clock-out if time exceeds specified limit and notification of erroneous punches.
Easy custom reports.
Supports multiple timezones.
Exact time or rounding options available.
Scan all commonly used documents and forms. Print copies as needed.
Search and sort features allow you to locate your documents quickly.
When you update documents and forms, all users have instant access to the current version.
User can make requests for time off specifying sick, vacation, or other.
Designated user accepts or denies each request.
Approved time off can also be displayed on shared calendar for all users.
Paid time off (PTO) is tracked by employee.
Employee Directories: Load employee photos. Access contact information easily. Keep information private, if desired.
Share commonly used address books, card files, and other lists of phone numbers.
Each user may choose to create their own personal, private directory of phone numbers and contact information.
An internal message system eliminates spam and the threat of viruses. Accomplish all of your messaging between authorized users without the dangers of internet email.
Phone message template allows users to point and click to cut down on required typing. Track notes on phone messages received.
Urgent messages alert user within 30 seconds.
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